Spotlight on Carnations: The Meaning of Carnations

by Rachael Priest on January 26, 2012

Earlier this month we explored the history and significance of the carnation flower. As January’s flower of the month, it offers a rich and interesting history. More than simply being one particular month’s flower, however, carnations offer a delicate beauty and superior longevity in fresh cut flowers.

Carnations are also wonderful flowers to consider sending for February’s upcoming, beloved holiday: Valentine’s Day. Before you place your Valentine’s Day order for carnations, you might want to take a few minutes to learn the meaning of each color. All carnations, when used by their general meaning, represent fascination and a woman’s love. If you’d like to get a little more specific, consider these colors and meanings:

  • Red

Dark red carnations represent a burning passion, a woman’s affection, and/or deep love. Light red carnations imply admiration or fondness.

  • White

White carnation flowers can mean innocence or purity, represent pure love, or bestow good luck wishes on their recipient.

  • Pink

Pink carnations traditionally represent a mother’s love, but can also relay having someone in constant thought.

  • Purple

Purple carnation flowers typically mean capriciousness, but this does not necessarily have a negative connotation. If it is the whimsical, exciting, spur-of-the-moment type characteristic you adore in a person, then the purple carnation may be the perfect way to relay that admiration.

  • Yellow

In technical language of flowers terms, it is said that yellow carnations tend to mean rejection or disdain. However, it is important to point out that any solid colored carnation can mean yes. So, if your intended’s favorite color is yellow or you simply want to brighten someone’s day, sending yellow carnations may be the perfect choice.

  • Green

While not explicitly mentioned in the Victorian Language of Flowers, green carnations are generally accepted to mean good luck or harmony.

So have you decided which color carnations you’d like to send to your beloved this Valentine’s Day? Contact us at Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, Ga. There’s less than three weeks left to order so time is of the essence. In addition to carnations, we have roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, unique gift items, and so much more. Drop by and see us or give us a call at 706-743-5830 today.

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