7 Affordable Flower and Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by Rachael Priest on February 6, 2012

When it comes to flowers for Valentine’s Day, one dozen red roses tends to be the gold standard. And when you are in a position that you can send your sweetheart this design without taking out a second mortgage on your home, that’s great. If, like most of us, however, your checkbook balance struggles to stay in the green, you may be looking for something a little more affordable.

Take heart: affordable does not mean “cheap.” You can still send your sweetie a beautiful expression of your love and affection when you are on a budget. Here are 7 flower ideas for Valentine’s Day under $25 to get you started:

  1. Single, Double, or Triple Rose Budvase

If nothing but roses will do, consider a budvase. Single, double, and triple rose budvases are both affordable and beautiful. You can choose a standard budvase if you like, or spend a few dollars more and get a tall, elegant vase with longer cut roses.

  1. Coffee Mug Arrangements

Coffee mug arrangements are excellent flower ideas for Valentine’s Day because they are two gifts in one. You’ll get an affordable yet beautiful flower arrangement for your sweetheart to enjoy now, as well as a coffee cup he or she can use later to remind them of your affection daily.

  1. Small Mixed Basket Arrangements

Flower arrangements in a basket are another affordable option for Valentine’s Day flowers. You can choose a mix of carnations and daisies, or even have a rose placed in the mix.

  1. Candy, Plush, and Balloons

If you aren’t sure that flowers are the way you want to go, you can always find affordable gifts in the form of candy, plush animals, and balloons. You can even combine these items into a small gift bouquet or choose one to attach to a budvase if you want the flowers, too.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are more affordable than roses but they symbolize the same meaning: love. You can have several carnations arranged in a vase or placed in a small basket arrangement.

  1. Wrapped Bouquets

If you have a collection of vases at your home, purchasing a wrapped bouquet is an excellent way to save money at Valentine’s Day. Just be sure that you will be able to get them in water within a couple of hours of picking them up and ask your florist for fresh flower food.

  1. Rose Petals

There are few things more romantic than a candlelit dinner complemented by rose petals. You can also use the petals to decorate your bed or leave a trail of them down the hallway. Rose petals are very affordable and can give you that extra something special when you are on a tight budget.

Photo by David Kirk, The Oglethorpe Echo

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