March Flower of the Month

by Rachael Priest on March 7, 2012

The March of the daffodils has begun! Already in bloom here in Georgia when March comes around, these joyful yellow flowers are everywhere! Daffodils offer the promise that spring is soon to arrive and their emergence from the ground is most welcome. Perhaps this is why the daffodil boasts the title for March flower of the month.

Daffodils are perennial bulb flowers that propagate with ease. Daffodils can be potted in containers or grown in the ground. Available in five colors of white or off-white, pink, green—yes, green—yellow, and orange-red, it is difficult to choose a favorite. Daffodils are a cultivar plant utilized by many gardeners and botanical hobbyists globally. Some regions even hold daffodil shows and events to emphasize their admiration and zeal for the flower.


Daffodils are classified into thirteen divisions based on size, shape, and number of flowers per stem. The jonquil is a variety of daffodil, although many people refer to all daffodils as jonquils. Other common names for daffodils include narcissus and buttercups.

Potting and Planting

Daffodils are among the easiest flowers to grow, which is one reason they are so popular. They are resilient to cold weather and require very little attention. When growing daffodils in pots, just put some potting soil in the container, plant the bulbs about 2 inches deep, and add water. If you are planning to force the blooms indoors, you can do so any time of year. However, if you are planting outside, you should plant in the fall.

Whether you like to admire the daffodil’s beauty outdoors, plant them in containers for your home, or clip the blooms to add to fresh flower designs indoors, few things compare to the joy these early spring bloomers can bring. If you’d like to add a bit more variety to your fresh daffodil arrangement, then give us a call at Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, Ga. We have daisies, iris, miniature carnations, and a variety of other spring-like flowers for your enjoyment. Visit our website or call 706-743-5830. Happy spring!

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