April Flower of the Month

by Rachael Priest on April 15, 2012

April is the quintessential spring month. It brings a variety of blooming flowers, chirping of baby birds, the birth of all manner of wildlife, and a renewed emerald canopy among the trees. With all of the life and gaiety accompanying this mildly warm month, it’s no surprise that April’s flower is the cheerful, jubilant daisy.

The daisy takes its name from the phrase, “day’s eye.” This is mostly because the daisy proudly displays its petals throughout the day and draws them in at night. Although, we like to think that it’s also in small part because it resembles a bright, joyful little eye, smiling in the magnificence of the day. The daisy symbolizes purity, innocence, loyal love, simplicity, beauty, and patience. Is it any wonder, then, why Paula’s favorite flower is the daisy? 🙂

Daisy Care and Uses

Daises are remarkably hardy little flowers and enjoy full sun the most. Simply provide them with a bit of well-drained soil, keep them moist, and they will brighten up your yard year after year. They also make spectacular additions to cut flower arrangements, or can make a stunning but simple display in a vase by themselves.

The leaves of the daisy are edible and can be added to salads. Some varieties of daisies are also used to make herbal teas and remedies. Crushed daisy leaves applied to bruises have been said to soothe the area and promote healing.

Whether planted outdoors, in containers, or cut and place in fresh flower arrangements, the daisy is as functional as it is beautiful. If you’d like to add some cheer to your home this spring, give us a call at Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, Ga. at 706-743-5830. We carry a variety of springtime flowers, including the lovely daisy. Which one is your favorite?

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