May Flower of the Month

by Rachael Priest on May 24, 2012

In May, spring is in full bloom and the variety of beautiful flowers that adorn the countryside is simply breathtaking. With so many flowers to choose from, whoever had to select just one to be May’s flower of the month must have experienced great difficulty in choosing just one. The decision was made, however, and the Lily of the Valley boasts the title of flower of the month for May.

The Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is a perennial plant that grows low to the ground. It is characterized by its delicate and fragrant white, bell-shaped flowers that seem to dance in the breeze. In the language of flowers, the Lily of the Valley traditionally symbolized humility and sweetness. In the Victorian Age, this flower was used to express the sentiment of “You have made my life complete.”

Growing Lily of the Valley

Although delicate in appearance, the Lily of the Valley is actually a hardy plant and has a strong tolerance for diseases and insect pests. Plants should be placed in the ground in the spring, approximately 6 inches apart. Since Lily of the Valley will spread quickly, you may wish to install a metal or brick edging to contain it, unless you prefer to let it grow naturally.

Lily of the Valley plants should be thinned in the autumn to ensure the beds have sufficient space. You can use the thinnings to plant more flowers in different locations, or to enjoy the plant indoors during the cooler months. Keep Lily of the Valley moist and compost the soil in the fall, after the plants have completed their flowering season.

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