Let Your Local Florist Help Take the Stress Out of Christmas!

by Paula Wagnon on December 14, 2012

"Christmas Florist"The month of December has many different meanings to different people. To children, this magical month is one of excitement and anticipation as they count down the days, hours, and minutes to Christmas Eve and Santa’s arrival. To adults, December hurries in like a whirlwind with lists of things to do, places to go, and people to meet. Though it is an exciting time of year, it is sometimes accompanied by a hint of stress as we scurry to try to meet all of the month’s needs in a timely manner.

It seems that the Christmas season brings out the best in most people, despite the busyness, and there is a spirit of giving in the air more so than any other time of year. Our hearts grow bigger to accommodate the less fortunate and we feel the desire to give, in some form or fashion—to share our good fortune and favor with those who are in need. The warmth in our heart seems to grow so much that there is no way to contain it, and it pours out into well wishes of good cheer and giving to everyone we know and love.

Taking Time to Enjoy the Season

"Christmas Flowers"With the flurry of excitement that accompanies the warmth of giving, we sometimes forget to take a few moments for ourselves just to relax and enjoy the fact that this is the most wonderful time of year in so many ways. It is during this time of hustle and bustle to get everything finished on time that we find ourselves the most prone to stress. We may even sometimes long for the impossibility of having a clone of ourselves in order to get it all done.

If you find yourself missing the merriment of the Christmas season due to limited time and resources, let your local florist help you out. Today’s florists offer more than the usual Christmas cactus, poinsettia, or beautiful floral arrangement of fresh cut seasonal flowers and Christmas greens. Along with these time honored traditional floral gifts, many florists carry a wide variety of unique gift items sure to please even the hardest to buy for.

Find the Perfect Gift—And Have it Delivered!

Does someone on your shopping list enjoy fruit and candy? Ask your local florist if they can design a fruit basket for them, adding their favorite candies to satisfy the sweet tooth. Do you know a child that would enjoy receiving a plush bear to cuddle with as they await Santa’s arrival? Your local florist can take care of that for you, even adding balloons to make the gift more festive.

Most florists carry gift selections that are unique to their individual shops and clientele, and would be happy to help you find just the right item for those special people on your shopping list. Besides having unique gifts, your local florist will also deliver to the recipient’s door for you if that would fit your schedule better. Of course, if you prefer to pick up and deliver your gift yourself, florists always enjoy you coming in personally to browse their shops.

"Merry Christmas"If you or someone you know is in need of a little help with Christmas gifts or deliveries, be sure to contact your local florist. We at Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, Ga. will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Visit our website, stop by our shop at 303 Park Avenue Crawford, Ga. 30630, or give us a call at 706-743-5830 and let us help you put the Merry back into your Christmas this year!

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