March Into Spring

by Paula Wagnon on March 18, 2013

The wonderful month of March is both winter and spring, aged yet fresh, bustling yet placid; blowing bone-chilling winds one day and exhibiting warm, peaceful sunshine the next. With March comes the passing of winter and the glorious awakening of spring; throughout the entire month there is change and adjustment. Keeping fresh flowers in your home can help to brighten your days during this transitional month.

March has been designated as the month which ushers in Daylight Savings Time. The adjustment of our time schedules can sometimes wreak havoc on our internal systems, bringing about unwelcome stress. Pampering ourselves through the transition of this time adjustment may help to relieve some of the stress that accompanies the shifting of hours. What better way to pamper yourself as you “spring forward” than with a good book, a relaxing bath, and a beautiful fresh flower arrangement in the room with you? Oh the joys of becoming stress free!!

Flowers and Fun Times in March

March is perhaps best known for the mid-month holiday of St. Patrick’s Day and the welcome arrival of spring. These two events bring about ideas of decorating with colorful yellow, pink, purple, and green flowers, as well as potted plants of tulips, azaleas, and shamrocks. Though March 20th is the official first day of spring on the calendar, signs of spring are all around well before that date as robins arrive, flowers arise and begin to bloom, trees are budding in anticipation of warmer days ahead, and all is aglow with new life.

The blustery days of March generate wonderful opportunities for family fun time. Activities such as flying kites and wind socks, picking wild flowers, and blowing bubbles in the wind are not only fun and relaxing, but also great memories in the making!

Easter in March

This year March 31, 2013 has the honor of the celebration of Easter. Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Sunday as some call it, is a perfect day for celebrating with flowers. As we commemorate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the hope that it gives us for our new and eternal life in Christ, we also celebrate the dawning of spring and it’s symbolization of that hope. The beauty of flowers, the freshness of spring, the hope of new life: each are intertwined with a splendor beyond comprehension.

Whether warding off stress, celebrating special days and events, making memories, or just to cheer someone up, Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop has the perfect gift for any occasion. Give us a call at 706-743-5830, visit us online, or drop by in person. We will be happy to help you celebrate your Spring!

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