Spreading Extra Christmas Cheer this Year: The Gift of Giving

by Rachael Priest on December 13, 2013

Christmas is a time of giving, charity, and love. While gifts for those on your shopping list are an obvious, there may be opportunities for giving that pass you by in the hustle of the season. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a world of difference to someone this year. Here are a few ideas, from flowers to fruit, that can bring the merriness of Christmas to anyone:

Donate to Charities Stop by your local florist and pick up a small stuffed animal or gift item for someone you’ll probably never meet. Charities such as Toys for Tots and Operation Christmas Child know where these items are needed most. You may also check with your local schools, churches, and businesses to see if there is a local toy drive going on.

Adopt a Senior Seniors can become especially lonely during the holiday season. While younger members of the family are rushing from one event to another, seniors are often confined to their residences, unable to share in the joy of the season. You can lift one person’s spirits for days with a completely spontaneous gift. Fruit baskets and small fresh floral arrangements make excellent gifts that seniors can enjoy without having to care for it long-term. Just be sure to call a couple of days ahead if you’d like a fruit basket as most local florists do not keep fresh fruit on hand.

Bless a Stranger Can you imagine what it would be like to just walk up to someone passing by and give them a beautiful poinsettia or fresh flower bouquet? Can you see the face of such a recipient when they realize that a complete stranger has given them flowers for no reason other than to spread the Christmas cheer? We never know what any one person may be going through, and a simple act of kindness such as this could do anything from put a smile on the person’s face to restoring their faith in humanity.

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