Valentine’s Day 2015

by Rachael Priest on January 22, 2015

Ok, guys…it’s time for your annual PSA from your friendly local florist. đŸ™‚ Valentine’s Day is coming soon!! It’s on a Saturday this year, so it’s more important than ever to get your orders in early if you want flowers delivered to someone at work.

Please note that delivery routes are created the day before, and most often cannot be changed the day of. The earlier you can get your orders in, the better, but please try to have them in at least 48 hours before your desired delivery date. Of course, we will strive to fill all orders no matter when they’re placed, but they are filled in the order they’re received.

We want everyone to have a beautiful, romance-filled Valentine’s day with no stress, and the earlier you take care of your floral order, the better those chances are for everyone. Call 706-743-5830 or order online here.

Thanks in advance!! đŸ™‚


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